Affordable Rackspace

Host your server in our racks

JustRight Technology maintains rack space at Expedient's Tide Point Data Center. Expedient's data center is a climate controlled, secure data center facility providing redundant multiple high speed internet connections, power generators, cooling, and physical security. If you really don't need a full or half rack, consider sub-letting rack space from JustRight Technology.

Your hosted servers are completely separated from other users' servers.

Hosted servers allow you to:

  • Manage your server - as if it was still down the hall
  • Improve risk management - your servers are protected from power surges, theft, fire, flood, and heat
  • Save on power costs - it's expensive to keep servers at 70 degrees 24/7
  • Missing your server? - visit it at the data center whenever you like

Optimize your technology investments.

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