JustRight Desktops

With the power of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 technology, we provide our awesome business customers with fully managed, highly secure, virtual desktops combined with our friendly help desk service.

Virtual desktops enable employees and staff to work on the Microsoft Windows desktop that they’re used to, from any physical location, with all of their usual software, shortcuts, and data. Their desktop always appears the same, whether it is accessed from a PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, or smartphone. Users simply click on a shortcut to access their desktop. And because that desktop is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform, it is extremely secure and always backed up. We offer our JustRight Desktops and Advisor Desktops services to make it easy to take advantage of cloud desktop benefits.

There are no hidden fees or billing surprises. Just straight forward monthly pricing. We create virtual desktop solutions for businesses employing from 3 to 100 or more computer users. Let us create a free demo environment for you to give it a test drive!

Questions? Click here to schedule a quick Cloud Readiness call. There’s no cost or obligation.

We are Microsoft Cloud Partners. There are lot of names for this type of service: Azure Virtual Desktops, Cloud Computing, Hosted Desktops, Cloud Workspaces, Cloud Desktops, DaaS - Desktop as a Service, IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Waas - Workspace as a Service, Cloud Hosted Solutions, and Server Hosting among them. We help organizations with this solution across the USA.

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