Computer Systems Compliance

Most companies are subject to one or multiple regulatory compliance standards whether it be HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, FINRA or others. By requirement or voluntarily, they are also implementing best practices such as NIST or ISO 27001 in order to protect their business and follow a guideline for a security baseline. In addition to industry compliances, 47 out of the 50 states have stringent personal identifiable information (PII) laws, which carry hefty fines for data breaches.

We believe that all companies benefit from a security framework regardless of their compliance requirements.

JustRight Technology works together with an industry recognized compliance partner to provide a solid cyber risk management framework that assesses your entire business and provides a transparent window into high value assets and high risk security gaps. This allows you stay organized and create a business and technology roadmap that will improve your security posture and allow you to keep up with the constant changes year after year.

Understanding the rules and regulations: Understanding the rules and regulations and applying them to your business can be costly and time consuming. Many of the compliances and best practices require an internal self-assessment in order to achieve and prove compliance. The difficulty associated with managing this and finding a clear direction lands companies in trouble.

A fully managed streamline service: Our compliance partners have developed a fully managed streamlined service, which provides a portal that takes you through a simple step by step compliance and best practices process. The portal prompts you through a series of questions to analyze the current state of your network. If required policies are missing, the system will auto-create them as you work through the easy to use wizard assisted platform.

Report on compliance: Once complete, a report on compliance (ROC) is generated which reveals the risks and gaps. The ROC is your guidebook to which compliance framework(s) are applicable and how to become compliant.

Select a control frame work: Control frameworks can be highly challenging and expensive to implement. In addition, it is costly and time consuming to train your staff and keep up with the volume of change controls. Some companies have dedicated compliance teams that struggle to keep up with this essential business function. This is where compliance as a managed service is invaluable and will provide you with a complete functioning and structured compliance management solution.

Having access to on-hand reporting and proof of compliance is the key to minimizing your cyber security risk and avoiding costly fines. JustRight Technology, providing you with the tools to meet your compliance standards!

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