What is a Cloud Workspace?

A cloud workspace takes the place of your organization's on-site server(s), on-site software, and your data backup and disaster recovery solutions. After moving to the cloud you'll typically only need a quality firewall and switches at local offices. Employees will connect to your company's private cloud workspace using existing PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads, Macs, or thin clients.

Instead of your software, files, and data shares being stored on your local PCs and servers, everything runs from your private cloud desktops and cloud servers, hosted at a secure data center in the USA. If you need to sync files from your cloud workspace back to local devices, that can be accomplished too.

(These cloud services are also known as Hosted Remote Desktops, DaaS - Desktop as a Service, IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, and VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.)

Many businesses and nonprofits move to a cloud workspace when they are faced with the high upfront cost of on site server upgrades. They find they can save money and increase efficiency, data security, and compliance. When doing a cost benefit analysis, we look at a $12,000 average upfront cost for a single server project that will need to be repeated in a few years, plus the cost of supporting the server in-house over the years, and other costs depending on the organization. Not least of these is the potential cost of a compliance fine due to HIPAA or PCI non-compliance!

A business or nonprofit that uses a cloud workspace "rents" the server, cloud desktops, multiple daily off-site backups, access to line-of-business and other software from anywhere, support, and more. You still own all your data and your software licenses.

We create cloud workspaces for a few as 3 users and up to 100 or more. The price for a cloud solution is a month to month price that depends mostly on number of employees and the server disk space required. Employees using CADD or other processor intensive apps are assigned more processor power and/or memory. There are no surprises in the monthly invoices.

JustRight performs a cloud readiness assessment for interested customers. This discovers data size, existing machines, software, active directory users, and more. It allows us to provide you with the knowledge to make a decision.

If you decide that moving to the cloud makes sense in your situation we migrate your company's special software packages, QuickBooks and PracticeMaster for example, user accounts, and data from your existing servers to a new cloud server or servers.

When your cloud workspace is complete, your company's network, servers, PCs, and software are available to authorized employees anywhere, as long as they're connected to the Internet. You can work with all of your files, data and applications...from the road, at home or even when meeting with a client.

When your employees need help or just have questions, that service is included. And on the cloud, your network is constantly backed up, secured, and compliant. And you can’t lose a cloud desktop. Never lose your files, folders, software applications, etc.

Your organization can enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • PCI and HIPAA Compliant Security You need to keep your customer’s information safe. JustRight Technology makes sure your business meets the rigorous demands of federal law and avoids costly penalties.
  • Increased Reliability Increase your business and your users’ productivity since fail-over protection and redundancy are included.
  • Increased Efficiency New employees can be quickly added or removed. New offices can be opened nearly anywhere.
  • Protection from Natural Disasters Hurricanes, floods, and storms should not be risks to your business. Your cloud workspace is housed in secure data centers with multiple Internet connections, backup generators and other redundancies. Your data will be secure and accessible no matter what Mother Nature brings.
  • Business Intelligence Business intelligence may be the single most important key to success for small and medium businesses (SMBs), but most don’t have the time or money to invest in obtaining the data that will enhance performance and increase productivity. The JustRight Cloud includes financial, sales, and operations metrics in a cost-effective, easy to use interface.
  • No More Managing IT Let your staff focus on growing your business while JustRight takes care of your technology, including security, support, backups, and updates.

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